• The Who


    Alicia is a specialist in the Residential Tenancies Act, Office Administration and Customer Service. She is attentive to detail and ensures that both owners and tenants are respected, and all enquiries are responded to efficiently and timely.

    Maryanne has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of property management of her own and others’ properties. Maryanne’s specialty is in property maintenance and renovations. She is an excellent trouble shooter and well experienced in determining repair issues and solving problems while keeping safety, satisfaction and value in mind.


  • The What

    We provide the following services for our clients…

    -          Provide rental market surveys, place advertising, receive call, show the rental property to prospective tenants, collect tenancy applications, and perform verifications of references, employment and past tenancy history.

    -          Present the tenancy/lease agreement to the prospective tenant for signing and look after move in and out inspections.

    -          Perform services of notices if applicable.

    -          Make every effort to ensure that the tenant abides by the tenancy/lease agreement and the Residential Tenancies Act.

    -          Collect rental payment to the owners.

    -          Provide monthly owner statements to show earnings and expenses for your real estate investment.

    -          Collect and hold the security deposit from the tenants and be responsible for the return of the security deposit to the tenant, less any applicable charges.

    -          Initiate legal course action to recover rent and damages via the Residential Tenancies Office if necessary, however we attempt good communication and mediation before legal action is taken.

    -          Ensure proper and timely maintenance of the property and supervise any trades or contract workers the ensure that efficient and proper work is being done.

    -          Project management of renovations if necessary is invoiced separately from Property Management.

    -          We provide the paperwork needed for pets and pet deposits (if applicable to your property).

  • The Why

    We bring over 25 years of combined property management experience. We are friendly, reliable, ethical and trustworthy. Our professionalism leads us to the best property owners and tenants.  

    We like to provide clean, well maintained, quality homes in all areas of Saskatoon and choose tenants who are looking for the same. Renting a home requires extensive knowledge of the industry and can be overwhelming for property owners. We take the time consuming and sometimes complex aspects of renting off your plate.

  • The Investment

    -          $50.00 administration fee per door to set up the file.

    -          $150.00 finders fee upon rental of the unit. This fee will only be charged once per 6 months (if tenants only stay for less that 6 months an additional finders fee will not be charged for the next tenant.

    -          Property management fees of 10 percent of the monthly rental income OR a minimum of $100.00 per month (whichever is greater). For more than 4 doors, the fee is 8 percent of the monthly rental income or a minimum of $90.00 per month (whichever is greater).

    -          $200.00 retainer fee per building. This fee is refundable at the end of our business dealings together, provided all invoices are paid in full.

    -          Advertising fees are billed to the owner.

    -          Any additional work or repairs that are required are billed to the owner.

    -          Project management of any renovation is billed separately according to estimates provided.

    More in-depth details can be provided during an in person or phone meeting.Save